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My name is Daniel Joseph Pluck. I'm the proud owner of DJP DETAILS and I believe every detail matters.
Since 8 years old the first Fast and Furious movie got released and this is when I developed a passion towards cars. One year my parents surprised me by going to one of the biggest motor shows in London where I got to see high end modified cars. I knew in the future I wanted to build my own business one day related to cars. I like to show my clients my passion towards improving the presentation of their cars. We have many detailing service packages to choose from helping car enthusiasts look their very best on the roads.
I provide my clients with excellent service from start to finish. So much consideration goes into selecting the best products for your car to have the best results on the market for great prices. The whole car will be inspected and paid attention to the small details and finishing touches. I go above and beyond to form lasting relationships with my clients.

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